You are not Alone

[“IB” writes, about the LA immigration march]

Communism Will Reunite our Global Working-Class Family in a World Without Borders

The Metropolitan Detention Center in downtown Los Angeles (USA) loomed large in the searing afternoon heat. Nearly a thousand members of our international family are inside, captives of the federal government. On June 30, another thousand were outside chanting “let them go!”

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Crise Capitaliste à Bruxelles

L’Europe (la C.E.E.) est en crise. Cette crise est l’aboutissement d’années d’exploitation sans merci des travailleurs européens, d’une rapacité jamais rassasiée, de guerres entre états. Autrement dit l’autodestruction mortifère du capitalisme a conduit à la présente situation. Par ailleurs, le jeu qui consiste à blâmer les immigrants s’est retourné contre les dirigeants capitalistes en créant des gouvernements xénophobes (Hongrie, Autriche, Italie) qu’ils ne peuvent contrôler. De plus ils craignent d’autres exits similaires au Brexit qui anéantirait leur union servant si bien leurs intérêts de classe.

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Capitalist Crisis in Brussels

[A reader writes. A French language version has also been posted]

Europe (the EU) is in crisis. This crisis is the culmination of years of ruthless exploitation of European workers, unrestrained greed, and wars between states. In other words, the deadly self-destructive tendencies of capitalism have led to the present situation. On the other hand, the game of blaming immigrants has turned against the capitalist rulers by creating xenophobic governments (Hungary, Austria, Italy) that they can not control. In addition, the same bosses fear other Brexits that would destroy the union that serves their class interests so well.

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Espagne: les travailleurs accueillent les réfugiés

ESPAGNE – Le 11 juin, 630 travailleurs migrants des eaux libyennes ont été secourus et sont arrivés sur les rives de la Méditerranée pour se réfugier à Valence, en Espagne. Ils ont été reçus par plus de 2000 bénévoles avec une banderole disant «Bienvenue chez vous» après que les politiciens de Malte et d’Italie aient refusé de se réfugier. Le bateau est venu avec des hommes, des femmes (dont plusieurs étaient enceintes) et des enfants dans des conditions précaires cherchant un rêve: “un avenir meilleur en Europe”

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Report on Seatac Detention Center Rally

Ten thousand people rallied at the SeaTac immigration detention center Saturday. The ICWP distributed hundreds of our communist newspaper, Red Flag. The following are the preliminary reports from two comrades that attended. [More are coming including a letter from a Boeing friend who couldn’t go because of overtime. He and his wife went down there during the week because he knew he couldn’t come on Saturday.] We’ll write a full article later including our follow up.

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“Abolish ICE!” – or “Abolish Capitalism’s Borders!”

[A  reader writes]

Abel, age 8, fled El Salvador with his grandmother because gangsters threatened to kill him if she didn’t pay a monthly fee. ICE officials took him from her at the border and soon deported her. Abel – now considered “unaccompanied” – was so terrified he could hardly speak.

This story was reported by a lawyer who describes herself as “devastated by my inability to alleviate the suffering.” Multiply it by 3000 and you will understand why angry masses in the US and elsewhere are taking to the streets in growing numbers.

You’ll also understand the call to “Abolish ICE!”   It sounds radical or even revolutionary. But it’s not.

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From an Autoworker in South Africa

I am an autoworker. I can say it has been a long, interesting and challenging journey through the ICWP of learning new things every day and meeting with various kinds of people with diverse ways of thinking, attitudes and back grounds but all I can say is that all these challenges have built a strong and widely thinking comrade that can survive in any situation. Ever since I joined ICWP, attended meetings and reading the Red flag, filling myself with knowledge then I had to go to the next step of sharing that knowledge which is the distribution of Red flag

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