Para que no lo olvidemos.


“Una pelea de saqueo de la clase de parásitos”. – Big Bill Haywood [líder IWW]

[De un trabajador francés que vive en Canadá]

Aquí vamos de nuevo! Con ocasión del centenario del final de la Primera Guerra Mundial, los gobernantes no pueden dejar de glorificar sus guerras y a sus generales asesinos.

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Nous nous souviendrons d’eux !

« Un pillage, une querelle des classes parasites » – Big Bill Heywood.

Et ça recommence! À l’occasion du centenaire de la fin de la Première Guerre mondiale, les dirigeants capitalistes ne peuvent s’empêcher de glorifier leurs guerres et leurs généraux assassins.

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USA. The long awaited US midterm elections came and went without anything earthshaking as a result. The Republicans strengthened their hold on the Senate while the Democrats took back the House. The stalemate continues.

The battle between the two factions of the ruling class is continuing to sharpen. Some ‘progressives’ believe it’s all a charade and that there is only one ruling party, the “Republicrats”. They point out that when it comes to policy, there’s not much difference. For example, the Republicrats voted almost unanimously to invest nearly a trillion dollars in the US military.

While it’s true that they generally agree on policies, that doesn’t mean that the fight is just a sham. They collectively spent several billion dollars on the campaign and are still fighting out some close racesin the courts. It’s a battle between rival factions over who gets to run the country and it’s only going to get more intense. Who knows how far it will go. Government shutdown? Impeachment? Even a coup?

RUSSIA 101 Years ago. The Bolsheviks took power 101 years ago, November 7, 1917. (It was October 25 in the old calendar they were using at the time, and for that reason it’s often referred to as “Red October”.) A famous book by the communist John Reed called it “10 days that shook the world” and in fact the world is still shaking. The Bolsheviks founded a whole communist movement (the Third International) which, by 1935, had parties in 65 countries.

As we all know, it all ended in disaster – the USSR collapsed in 1991. What happened? They made mistakes and the truly fatal one was implementing not communism but socialism. Socialism is managed capitalism. In the USSR socialism gradually got out of control, corrupted its supposedly communist managers, and eventually turned into-fire breathing full capitalism. By 1991 there was nothing left and the so-called communists (like Putin) dropped their masks.

THOUSAND OAKS CALIFORNIA USA. Yet another mass shooting by a disturbed heavily-armed suicidal gunman. (Yes, we can say “yet another”). Many people don’t understand why combat ready arms are so freely available, especially to people with problems. This is Republicrat policy – when the Democrats ran the country they did nothing.

One theory why this is so is based on the wording of the second amendment (to the US constitution) which guarantees the right to bear arms. It refers to a well-regulated militia. Perhaps the US bosses, fearing as ever threats to their power, have a backup plan to throw together an emergency militia (which they would regulate). So they tolerate hundreds of thousands of right-wing fringe types who would love to get together and attack dissidents immigrants gays etc.

Under communism there will be, at first, plenty of guns but in the end, almost no guns. Plenty of guns because we’ll need to arm ourselves to fight off and overcome the bosses. Everyone will get military training. During the Russian civil war the Bolsheviks organized a Red Army 5 million strong – at the time, the largest army on earth.

However at the same time all these guns will be strictly controlled. There will be no privately owned weapons. Furthermore, troubled individuals will be identified early and helped, not left to fester.

Finally, when capitalism is defeated worldwide, there will be no more war and no more weapons. We may keep some guns for hunting and target shooting but that’s all.

WASHINGTON DC USA. A Trump aid tried to physically take the microphone away from a CNN reporter asking an embarrassing question. Then the Trumpites released an obviously doctored video which is supposed to show the reporter manhandling the aid. Everyone knows it’s all lies but the Trumpites stick to their story and ban the reporter.

This is just more evidence that the Trump regime is slipping increasingly to outright fascism – physical assault, and lying when everyone knows you’re lying (this is called gaslighting). Another sign is last week’s antisemitic shooting in Pittsburgh and the antisemitic propaganda (about Jews “buying” elections) that preceded it. Yet another is the appointment of Whitaker as acting attorney general. It’s almost certainly unconstitutional but so what? The Trumpites’ attitude is ‘what are you going to do about it?’. It’s well known that a characteristic feature of fascism is contempt for laws.

PARIS FRANCE. World leaders are gathering to commemorate the end of World War I (11 November 1918). See the Week in Review Special (a separate post).

SEATTLE WASHINGTON USA. ICWP held a successful potluck in support of the migrant caravan (currently in Mexico City). Details in separate posts.

Despite the Deceptions, the Migrant Caravan Continues.

Shouting “Yeeeeeey Yiiiiiija,” thousands of Central American migrants coming in the caravan crossing Mexico celebrated when they heard the offer of the governor of Veracruz, Miguel Angel Yunez, to provide 155 buses to transport them to Mexico City. In a sign of joy in the caravan when they receive good news, “the Apache yell,” as they call it, rang out: migrants, volunteers and even journalists; and everyone cried with happiness. They sang and danced for an hour.

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A Pesar de los Engaños la Caravana Migrante Continua.

Al grito de “Yeeeeeey Yiiiiiija”, miles de migrantes centroamericanos que vienen en caravana cruzando México celebraron al escuchar la oferta del gobernador de Veracruz, Miguel Ángel Yunez, de proporcionar 155 autobuses para transportarlos hasta la ciudad de México. En una muestra de alegría dentro de la caravana cuando reciben buenas noticias, “El grito apache”, como le denominan, lo gritaron: migrantes, voluntarios y hasta periodistas; y todos lloraron de felicidad. Cantaron, bailaron por una hora.

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Mensaje de Solidaridad Comunista

Como miembros/apoyadores/amigos del PCOI enviamos saludos de solidaridad comunista a los manifestantes y partidarios de la caravana ‘migrante’.

Nos unimos a ustedes en la lucha por un mundo mejor, uno sin fronteras y sin pandillas. Uno con trabajo y comida para todos. Donde viajar es una opción y nadie se verá obligado a abandonar sus hogares y familias. Un mundo en el que los que decidan moverse (emigrar) viajarán cómodamente y serán recibidos e integrados en su destino.

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Message of Communist Solidarity

As ICWP members/supporters/friends we send greetings of communist solidarity to the marchers and supporters of the ‘migrant’ caravan.

We join you in fighting for a better world, one without borders and gangs. One with work and food for all. Where travel is a choice and no one will be forced to leave their homes and families. A world where those who decide to move (to ‘migrate’) will travel in comfort and be welcomed and integrated at their destination.

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[Version française d’un tract du PCIT (ICWP en anglais) distribué dans Ciudad México, Mexique]

Ce dimanche, les premières vagues d’immigrants d’Amérique centrale sont arrivées à Mexico. Les migrants ont commencé leur voyage il y a exactement un mois dans une caravane historique en marche pour les États-Unis. « Le voyage a été extrêmement difficile, en particulier pour les enfants. Nous avons marché plusieurs jours, sous le soleil et sous la pluie. Parfois, nous avions faim » a déclaré l’un d’entre eux. (BBC 5/10/18)

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