This is the official blog of the International Communist Workers’ Party (ICWP). For our main site visit icwpredflag.org

This blog supplements our newspaper Red Flag by providing up to date comments on current events plus articles that are not (yet) in Red Flag.

You are welcome not only to read but to comment and contribute. Comments and contributions are moderated (trolls are out of luck). You don’t have to agree with us completely to contribute. Posts are welcome as long as they are (1) relevant and sympathetic to the cause of mobilizing the masses for communism; (2) respectful of the ICWP and the other contributors; and (3) truthful, not obviously and demonstrably false.

There are many ways to contribute. You canĀ  leave a comment on a post for moderation. If you have a longer comment which you would like to be a separate post, say so. Or, if you have an article you’d like posted, send it to icwp@anonymousspeech.com with a nte saying it’s for the blog. Or get in touch with any ICWP member.