Despite the Deceptions, the Migrant Caravan Continues.

Shouting “Yeeeeeey Yiiiiiija,” thousands of Central American migrants coming in the caravan crossing Mexico celebrated when they heard the offer of the governor of Veracruz, Miguel Angel Yunez, to provide 155 buses to transport them to Mexico City. In a sign of joy in the caravan when they receive good news, “the Apache yell,” as they call it, rang out: migrants, volunteers and even journalists; and everyone cried with happiness. They sang and danced for an hour.

An hour of happiness, of joy. Of knowing that the next 600 kilometers would be in an air-conditioned bus, contemplating the green landscape through the window. But the rage of a volunteer with her eyes about to burst in tears returned them to reality: there would be no buses, they had been deceived. Again. The crying continued, but this time of sadness, of rage, of impotence. Again they all cried. The caravan began to crack.

Deceived in the countries where they come from, when it’s election time, with false promises of jobs, better wages, security, etc. Deceived by politicians from the countries they pass through with swollen feet. In spite of everything, the caravan continues. But for many, especially those who came with children, the drama is getting worse and worse. According to UNICEF, 2,300 children entered Mexico as part of the first caravan, 100% are sick. Journalists who accompany the msrchers relate heartbreaking scenes; startling photos that show that this mass of humans is already moving  at a slower pace. It is touching. But they want to continue, to distance themselves more and more from the country that is not their country. The country of the bosses, of the oppressors, of the gangsters.

The desperation that spread after the news that there would be no buses caused some volunteers to be verbally assaulted and to fear being physically attacked by migrants. The security of the caravan itself was fortunately not threatened. But the bosses and the Mexican government, little by little, are getting desperate and anxious get the migrants under control. From the moment they left their place of origin until now, they have been promised everything so that they will cease their walk: earth, heaven, and hell.

The argument of the Governor of Veracruz to justify his lie was that Mexico City was suffering a water cutoff due to repairs to pipes. Half truths. Complete lies.

The first members of the caravan arrived in Mexico City and it was they themselves who exposed the governor. Water, there was water! The volunteers of the shelter (a stadium) had already made preparations: cistern tanks full of water that they had collected days before.

But the terror from which the caravan escaped is still lurking: in an interview with the newspaper, however, one migrant reported that three black trucks with hooded people had tried to stop them in the state of Puebla, and the Mexican government also acknowledged that 100 more migrants were missing. Xenophobia begins to grow through social networks using incidents that have involved some migrants who, disregarding orders, rules or recommendations, have dedicated themselves to disrupting order, making fights and scandals, but these incidents, a small minority, are used by xenophobes who call on the Mexican army to detain and deport the migrants from the caravan, and also calling anyone who helps the migrants a traitor to the homeland. The anti-immigrant campaign that is taking place in Mexico is not much different from the one in the United States and Europe, based on lies to further incite racism and nationalism.

Saving the homeland from people coming from other latitudes is what the bosses shout, so that people create and build their own wall. A wall that doesn’t have to be made of stone and concrete, but a wall of hatred. Of hatred towards the immigrants, towards people of other races, of other nationalities. According to a recent survey, 32% of the population is against the migrants of the caravan, and 22% agree with the construction of a wall to prevent the entry of migrants. Forgetting that Mexico, according to the UN, ranks number one in deportation of migrants in all of Latin America, and second in the world. Migrating is not a crime, it is a right earned through blood, sweat and tears of the working class!

Now it is up to the working class to build their future. But we must destroy capitalism first, the real cause of all our problems and fight to build a more just society, where we do not have to migrate to escape misery, exploitation, racism, and gangsters.


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