Message of Communist Solidarity

As ICWP members/supporters/friends we send greetings of communist solidarity to the marchers and supporters of the ‘migrant’ caravan.

We join you in fighting for a better world, one without borders and gangs. One with work and food for all. Where travel is a choice and no one will be forced to leave their homes and families. A world where those who decide to move (to ‘migrate’) will travel in comfort and be welcomed and integrated at their destination.

For us this means only communism. Communism is a society without money, private property, wage slavery, or privileges. Based on “to each according to their needs”.

We wish you well wherever your journey takes you. But wherever that is, you will still find capitalism with its xenophobia, racism, sexism, gangs, unemployment … the list goes on. As Lenin said, “capitalism is horror without end.”

For that reason we ask you to join us in fighting for communism worldwide. You can help by distributing our leaflets, reading and distributing our paper Red Flag / Bandera Roja. But most of all, by joining ICWP and strengthening our international communist party that will overthrow capitalism and bring about worldwide communism.

Long live the struggle for communism!


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