[This is an English translation of an ICWP leaflet being distributed in Mexico City]

This Sunday, the first waves of Central American migrants arrived in Mexico City. They began their journey exactly one month ago in a historic caravan to the United States of America.

“It has been an extremely difficult journey, especially for the children, we have walked many days, suffering from the sun and the rain. Sometimes we have been hungry,” says one of them. (BBC 5/10/18)


Our solidarity is necessary at this time. For this reason, we are putting out a call to collect donations and send them to the Jesús Martínez “Palillo” Stadium. Most needed are: shoes, new socks, warm clothes, new underwear, toilet paper, milk for children, medicines. Send them to the History Area.


The donations will be made in the name of the students of this institution.


Donations are important and urgent, but so is the organization and constant struggle against capitalism, the system that generates the conditions causing humanitarian and environmental crises throughout the planet.


To fight against capitalism is to build a new world!


To fight against capitalism is to understand that Central America has been subjected to imperialist policies that respond to the interests of the ruling class. Coups d’état, military dictatorships, massacres, interventions, United Fruit Company, frauds, death squads. These are the main causes poverty and of massive deadly violence from which these migrants flee.


To fight against capitalism is to combat xenophobic and racist expressions no matter where we are.


To fight capitalism is to fight for a world without borders, for production for need and not for the market, for a mode of production that does not destroy the earth for the thirst for profit of a few. This is Communism.


The environmental and human crisis demands an immediate response. Only the oppressed will be able to save the oppressed. But it is not enough to have isolated actions or to have good feelings, we need a high-level international organization to stop the capitalist production mode and all its consequences.


As the International Communist Workers Party, we call on solidarity with our Central American brothers through your donations but also to organize in our Red Flag study groups. There is no time to lose!


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