Mexico, Pittsburgh, Brazil: Week in Review 28 Oct – 3 Nov

Mexico The caravan has reached Matías Romero, still near the coast, according to the British Guardian (2 Nov). Fatigue, illness and offers of asylum in Mexico have shrunk it to about 4000 marchers. They are still being welcomed with food, water, accomodation and, importantly, rides to the next stop. The remaining marchers are determined to continue simply because they have no choice. Returning to Honduras would mean death by starvation or gang violence.

This is an international demonstration against the horrors of capitalism and deserves every worker’s support. But to really win we have to turn it into a demonstration for communism. Communism will mean no gangs and work and food for all. And no need to hit the road.

Pittsburgh. 11 dead in an anti-semitic pogrom (massacre) The killer is a deranged Trumpite who believed the antisemitic lies about wealthy Jews (George Soros in particular) financing the caravan. The Republicans consciously fanned the flames of antisemitism. They had an ad featuring three Jewish individuals – Soros, Janet Yellen, Lloyd Blankfein – calling on voters to not let them “buy” the election.

Fascists don’t have much imagination. As they ramp up the oppression they go for their old favorite. This is very dangerous but could backfire – many people are alarmed at the revival of antisemitism. This could help open their eyes to the true nature of capitalism and make them more receptive to communism. Under which antisemitism will not be tolerated and potential killers will be rounded up.

Brazil. Fascist Bolsonaro won the election in Brazil. He’s the one who openly hates gays and despises (rebellious) women. Once again, no imagination. He promises a “cleansing” like Brazil has never seen. And guess who was among the first to congratulate him? Trump, of course, and Israel’s fascist president Netenyahu. In fact Israel is chummy with fascist and anti semitic governments all over – like Hungary and Poland. Solidarity among fascists supersedes Israel’s commitment to fight anti semitism.

Kentucky A racist massacre was narrowly avoided in Kentucky. Another deranged killer tried to get into a Black church in Kroger, a suburb of Louisville. So instead he killed two random Black people.

This has to end, and since capitalism causes it, capitalism has to end. Under communism there will be no privately owned guns and, more importantly, no deranged racists allowed to roam free.

South Africa. Graca Michel, Mandela’s widow, warned that a billion young Africans are under threat of hunger, unemployment, and lack of education. She’s got that right! In South Africa, for example, youth unemployment is at least 50%. She’s afraid that the youth will get angry aand threaten the continent’s “peace, security and prosperity.” In other words, capitalist profit-making.

Communists are not afraid of young people’s anger against capitalism. What Africa – and the world – needs are a billion young communists. Then we can win communism and ensure that young people (in fact, all people) have food, work, and education.


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