Brazil; Indonesia; Kavanaugh. Week in Review 30 September – 6 October

Huge protests in Brazil over the weekend (half a million in the capital) against Jair Bolsonaro, the leading candidate in this weekend’s Brazilian presidential election. Bolsonaro is, without exaggeration, an out-and-out fascist. He  supported the military dictatorship and said they didn’t kill enough people. Racist, check, sexist, check, torture, check, union-busting, check. He’s beyond Trump, more like Duterte in the Phillipines or Sisi in Egypt.

Fascism is seems to be gaining ground everywhere, and demonstrations (while good) and elections (waste of time) won’t stop it. Communism will – we will dissolve the  fascist groups and eliminate the economic stagnation (overproduction) that drives people, in desperation, to the fascists.

Five thousand+ dead in Indonesia as a result of the tsunami. Whole neighborhoods were swept away, whole buildings collapsed. The same story as in every disaster under capitalism, the infrastructure was not built to withstand predictable worst case scenarios. The capitalists divert what money they have to the rich and to economic competition. And in Indonesia, thanks to economic stagnation, they don’t have much money to start with.

Under communism we cooperate rather than compete and resources will be used for our needs. That means rock solid infrastructure that will stand up to whatever nature throws at us.

Kavanaugh confirmed. The noble supreme court’s latest justice is a drunken lying abuser (and probable rapist). Also anti-labor, pro torture and pro mass surveillance. Millions are shocked and rightly furious. But there never was a good, fair supreme court. Kavanaugh’s snarl is the real face of capitalist justice, it’s just that now the mask has slipped.

Communism will do away with the whole justice system. The abolition of private property, and “to each according to their needs,” will almost eliminate crime. Sexism (and sexual assault) will not be eliminated overnight but will not be tolerated. More important, with the elimination of the wage system women will no longer be a super exploited source of cheap labor. Oppressors fear, hate, and terrorize those they oppress and exploit. In Kavanaugh’s face we can read all this. Enough is enough.

The public sector strike in Costa Rica is entering it’s fourth week. Many schools and hospitals are closed and strikers have blocked some highways. They are protesting a new tax “reform” that will hit the poorest very hard. All to balance the state budget which, thanks to giveaways and economic stagnation (again) is in the red.

Under communism there will be no money and no debts. To each according to their needs means workers won’t have to strike to survive.

At least 30% of Argentines (11 million people) live in poverty, according to the latest official statistics. Food banks are crowded and it’s common to see desperate workers searching through garbage for something to eat. Whole families are homeless and live in the streets. The Argentine peso is collapsing, one result being inflation and doubling of prices for basic foodstuffs. Needless to say, economic stagnation strikes again.

Worth repeating: communism will supply each with their needs, no money, no debt, and no market economy to stagnate.


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