“We are not illegal, we are international workers”

– Are you forgetting something? – I wish.
“The Emigrant” Luis Felipe Lomelí

Shouting in unison: “We are not illegal, we are international workers”, thousands of immigrants, mainly from Honduras, and to a lesser extent from Nicaragua, Salvador and Guatemala, hit the road with the few belongings they could carry with them to lighten their footsteps. But, often taking with them: their children, siblings, grandparents, and the teddy bear. A heavy load. Because the migrant worker risks everything: leaving his family, home, friends, leaving the teddy bear, to pursue his dream. No, it is not the American dream, but his own dream: to escape the nightmare of unemployment, misery, discrimination, police repression, etc. And the maras [gangsters]! One of the most recent genres of capitalism.

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¡No Somos Ilegales, Somos Trabajadores Internacionales!


– ¿Olvida Usted Algo?- Ojalá.

El Emigrante” Luis Felipe Lomelí

Gritando al unísono: “ ¡No somos ilegales, somos trabajadores internacionales!”, miles de inmigrantes principalmente de Honduras, y menor medida de Nicaragua, Salvador y Guatemala, se lanzaron a las carreteras con las pocas pertenecías que podían llevar consigo para aligerar sus pasos. Pero, llevando en muchos casos: sus hijos, hermanos, los abuelos y el osito de peluche. Un gran cargamento. Porque al trabajador migrante le pesa todo: dejar su familia, hogar, amigos, dejar el osito de peluche, para perseguir su sueño. No, no es el sueño americano, sino su propio sueño: escapar de la pesadilla de terror del desempleo, la miseria, la discriminación, represión policial, etc. ¡Y de las maras!. Uno de los mas recientes engendros del capitalismo.

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Week in Review: Stock Market, Caravan, MAGAbomber, … 21-27 October

Stock markets worldwide are tanking. The Dow has had the gains for the whole year wiped out, including the biggest one day drop in history (1,175 points). Even Amazon and Google have reported disappointing earnings. Why is this happening?

It was inevitable. Capitalism has an Achilles’ heel (built in flaw): overproduction. They produce a lot but can’t produce more because there’s no market for it. As Marx said, the relations of production (money economy) act as “fetters” (restraints) on the forces of production. The  result is chronic (and sometimes acute) economic stagnation. The symptoms are unemployment and what the bosses call “slow growth”.

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Bolsonaro, Aquarius, Riace; la Semaine en Bref 6-12 Octobre

Au Brésil, Jair Bolsonaro, le candidat fasciste, est arrivé en tête de l’élection présidentielle. Cependant, il n’a pas remporté de victoire définitive et doit faire face à un second tour dans trois semaines contre le candidat de la “gauche” Fernando Haddad. Qualifier Bolsonaro de fasciste n’est pas une exagération. Il était partisan de la dictature militaire et a déclaré qu’elle n’avait pas tué suffisamment de personnes. De plus il a dit qu’il préférerait que son fils soit mort plutôt que gay ; a appelé une adversaire «trop laide pour violer» et a déclaré qu’une partie de la population noire du Brésil devrait retourner «au zoo». Mais des millions de personnes vont le choisir, désespérées qu’elles sont par la violente criminalité rampante et la stagnation économique (13 millions de personnes au chômage).

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Bolsonaro, Acquarius, Riace; Week in Review 6-12 October

In Brazil Jair Bolsonaro, the fascist candidate, came in first in the presidential election. However he didn’t win outright and faces a runoff in three weeks against the ‘leftist’ Fernando Haddad. Calling him a fascist is not an exaggeration. He was a supporter of the military dictatorship and said they didn’t kill enough people; said he’d rather his son were dead than gay; called an opponent “too ugly to rape”; and said some of Brazil’s black population should go back “to the zoo”. But millions will choose him out of desperation at violent crime and economic stagnation (13 million unemployed).

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Brazil; Indonesia; Kavanaugh. Week in Review 30 September – 6 October

Huge protests in Brazil over the weekend (half a million in the capital) against Jair Bolsonaro, the leading candidate in this weekend’s Brazilian presidential election. Bolsonaro is, without exaggeration, an out-and-out fascist. He  supported the military dictatorship and said they didn’t kill enough people. Racist, check, sexist, check, torture, check, union-busting, check. He’s beyond Trump, more like Duterte in the Phillipines or Sisi in Egypt.

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