Kavanaugh Cosby Iran; 22-28 September Week in Review

Millions watched the Kavanaugh US Supreme Court confirmation hearing. Kavanaugh is a right-wing hard liner with a shady past (and present too, probably). He’d almost made it when Christine Ford came forward with a compelling story: Kavanaugh had tried to rape her when they were both teens in high school. Ford told her story calmly and was completely believable. In fact there’s no doubt she’s telling the truth, because she told a therapist about it in 2012.

Kavanaugh came across exactly as Ford described him: arrogant, angry, entitled. He alternately yelled and cried, his face contorted with fury.  He lied about everything, including the meaning of “ralph”.

On the surface the confirmation fight appears to be a battle against sexism but there is more at stake. Since when do the corrupt Democrats, so beholden to their wealthy donors, care about the sexism working (and middle class) women face (remember Weinstein was a big Democrat supporter). The US ruling class is deeply divided and one wing, the so-called “resistance”, is cynically using anger about sexism as a stick to beat their Trumpite opponents. They’re more worried that Kavanaugh will back Trump and foil legal maneuvers to get him out of office. For their part, the Trumpists are using abortion as a stick to beat the resistance.

Both  sides make great claims for their “democratic” and “just” system of government but they can find nothing better to do than brawl with each other over who gets to run the country.

Kavanaugh is the real face of capitalist “justice”, sexist to the core, under either party. Only communism can put an end to them. Communist women will be the equals of communist men and boys will be brought up to respect them.

Bill Cosby sent to jail for rape. Better late than never! But he still spent decades drugging and raping women with no consequences. In fact the Cosby case shows the limits of the #metoo movement. It’s good that dozens of harassers have been exposed and some fired. It’s revealed a whole culture of predators. But in the end, #metoo has to rely on the bosses’ media, court system and ‘enlightened’ bosses to follow up. Good luck with that! Already supposedly discredited harassers like Louis CK and Jian Gomeshi are slithering back into public life. And when will Weinstein, Moonves, Trump etc get in real trouble? When they reach 81, like Cosby?

In fact the limits of the #metoo movement are the limits of reformism. What achievable reform would protect women from these predators? Stronger laws? To be enforced by … sexist cops and sexist courts.

The only change that will end sexist predators is communism. Under communism there will be no cheap labor (no wages) and no cheap female labor. Harassment will not be tolerated and will be dealt with immediately.

Terrorists attacked a parade in Ahvaz, Iran. At least two dozen killed and 70 injured. ISIS claimed credit but it might be separatists. One thing is for sure, they were nationalists fanatic to the point of xenophobia. Extreme nationalists don’t regard people outside their national/ethnic/religious group as real people. They see them as animals, disposable.

No one put it better than Amit Shah, president of India’s fascist BJP. He referred to Bangladeshi immigrants as “termites”. What do you do with termites? Exterminate them …

Under communism it’s nationalism that will be exterminated. Communists used to think that some forms of nationalism was “progressive” and to be encouraged. No longer – at least not the ICWP. We are an international party. We don’t recognize national differences and eventually will dissolve all nations.

French president Macron released the French budget. He claimed that individuals will get 6 billion euros of tax relief. But this doesn’t take into account various cutbacks in social payments. According to the OFCE, an independent economic watchdog, the total increase in purchasing power is only 3 billion euros. Add to that another bit of nastiness: pensions and other governments will not be indexed to inflation and therefore will be de fact reduced by 1.5-2% per year. At the same time, business gets a healthy handout of 18 billion euros in tax cuts. As MLK said, it’s socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor.

Oh yes, and to save a few euros 800 Pole emploi workers will be sacked. Pole emploi is the government agency that supposedly helps unemployed workers (there are 6 million) find work. The staff are already so overloaded that it’s basically useless.

What the poor – and in fact the rest of us outside the 1% – what we need is not even socialism but communism. There will be work for everyone, no money and no taxes, and no businesses to divert society’s wealth into ruinous economic competition. Everybody will have food and shelter and as you get older there will be no change in your material condition. You may choose to  work less, but if you do, you won’t eat less.

Trump spoke at the UN and was laughed at when he tried to tell world leaders about his accomplishments. His main message was that the world needs more nationalism. That’s like saying Flint needs more lead in its drinking water. Under communism there will be zero lead in the water and zero nationalism. In fact zero nations, just billions of workers living in one big family.

The civil war in Yemen, one of the poorest countries in the world continues unabated. Millions, and especially children are suffering from acute hunger and diseases. While there is no money to feed anyone, there is money for war.

The UN issued a report condemning both sides but singling out the Saudi-led coalition for killing thousands of civilians in airstrikes, torture, rape and using child soldiers as young as 8. While the war rages, refrigerated trucks still ferry ice-cream to the Baskin Robbins in Sanaía. In the US, Raytheon shareholders are enjoying the near doubling of their stock as Raytheon missiles and bombs kill innocent civilians. The war in Yemen has become too profitable for the capitalists to end.

War and destruction are an essential feature of capitalism. Capitalists must constantly invest capital, find resources, supply routes, and permanently indebted consumers and inevitably fight each other for control. In a communist world, this will be inconceivable! Food, healthcare and productive work will be fundamental human rights. There will be no need for war because there will be nothing to control. The world’s resources will be part of the commons and used for the benefit of all living beings under communism.


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