India: Fascist, Corrupt Modi and his BJP

The ICWP is an international communist party committed to eradicating capitalism worldwide. As part of this mission we expose the horrors of capitalism wherever they occur, and explain how communism would eliminate them. Here we talk about recent  events in India, where Modi (a sort of Indian Trump) and his fascist BJP are running wild.

Capitalist, “democratic” India’s journey on the road to fascism continues under the increasingly impudent right-wing Hindu nationalist government of Narendra Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party (Indian People’s Party).

With elections for State legislatures approaching, the BJP has wasted no time in stoking anti-immigrant fears in the absence of any policies that might better the lives of citizens. In July, India published a National Register of Citizens (NRC) which effectively strips 4 million people, a majority of whom are Muslim, of their Indian citizenship in the northeastern state of Assam. Assam has seen a lot of immigration from neighbouring Bangladesh. In an election rally in the western state of Rajasthan, the president of the BJP, Amit Shah, referred to immigrants as “termites”.

In a borderless communist world, this would be unthinkable. In the meantime private Indian companies, led by Narendra Modi’s corporate benefactors, have defaulted on loans issued by government banks to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Several high-profile Indian industrialists have defaulted on loans, committed fraud and simply fled to the UK and in the latest incident, to Nigeria. The Indian government has taken absolutely no action against these capitalist criminals.

Under communism, without a profit motive and without money, hoarding of wealth and corruption simply would not be possible. There will be enough to satisfy everyone’s needs and no one’s labor will be worth more than anyone else’s labor, as it is under capitalism where those that labor the least, or not at all, reap the profits of exploitation. There will be no need for private property and everything will belong to the commons.

In the past months, Indian authorities have also arrested human-rights activists under the draconian, counter-terrorism Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) and charged them with dissent and “inciting caste-based violence”. In fact, these activists had been calling attention to the fact that Hindu privileged-caste violence against the oppressed castes, Dalits, and religious minorities, has increased by several times since Narendra Modi was elected in 2014 while the rate of convictions has dropped or stayed the same.

One of the favorite tactics of the Indian government is to brand anyone that stands for human rights as communists! The irony of this is lost upon the capitalists because under communism, human rights and indeed the rights of all living beings, would be paramount and discrimination on any basis would not be possible.

The capitalist Indian state has done everything possible to ensure that the capitalist bosses make profits at the expense of the poor and oppressed. It has increased privatization of state-owned infrastructure such as the railways, allowed the development of a privately held military industrial complex, effectively reduced protections for lands that belong to native people and used the propaganda of “development” and Hindu nationalist mythology to ensure a mindless vote bank, among the Hindu privileged-caste middle-classes.

None of this would be possible under communism. Communist education would ensure that people do not subscribe to petty nationalism and mythology and all the means of production would be controlled by the working classes in a transparent system.

The solution to India’s problems is not in electing yet another crony capitalist government but in a communist party – ICWP – that is beholden only to its working classes, and that works in solidarity with its communist brethren around the world.


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