Week in Review: 3-9 September

On Monday in Chemnitz, Germany, an anti-fascist coalition put on a free protest concert. Top German bands like Kraftklub and Toten Hosen played for a huge and enthusiastic audience: 65,000 people. Kraftklub frontman Felix Brummer cried into the mike that they were playing to protest “fascism, homophobia, racism, and the crazy AfD”. (The AfD is the trump-like neonazi populist party.) Signs and t-shirts that read “FCK NZS” were especially popular.

The concert was great but the weakness of movements that are only antifascist is that they are basically defensive – they aim to preserve the status quo, bourgeois democracy. But bourgeois democracy is producing fascism in the first place. The only winning strategy is to go forward to communism, which will wipe out fascism for good. If only a fraction of the concertgoers were to join ICWP, then we’d be making real progress.

A massive fire destroyed Brasil’s National Museum. Up in smoke went 20 million artifacts, some as old as 11,000 years. No mystery as to the real cause of the fire: austerity. The maintenance budget had been slashed and the two fire hydrants in front of the museum were non operational.

Capitalism places no value in preserving the real history of mankind, which is the history of laboring people. Instead they glorify an imaginary past of tribal heroes and absurd fantasy accomplishments. These imaginary tales play a big role in the ideology of fascism.

Preserving genuine relics of the past is not a priority, especially when, as in the Brasil museum, these are relics of indigenous societies.  Communism will honor the entire real history of mankind.

Trump cut off the US contribution to UN Palestinian aid. No reason was given so we can assume it was pure racism and sadism. Schools in Gaza depend on UN aid to  function. Under communism there will be no ethnic cleansing, no refugees and no deportees.

The New York Times published an op-ed supposedly written by a Trump Staffer in the White House. The author claims there is a resistance organization that stops Trump from going too far.

It’s hard to know what to make of this. On the one hand this is part of the escalating assault on the Trump presidency by what we might call the ‘Clintonite’ opposition. Roughly, the people who showed up for the McCain funeral.

On the other hand, it could have the effect of reassuring the public that the government is in good hands in spite of the claims that Trump is completely deranged.

Who knows who wrote it and why. And for us communists, it really doesn’t matter. We should feel encouraged by the fact that our enemy, the US ruling class, is having trouble ruling in the old way. This is one of Lenin’s conditions for a revolutionary situation. The second condition is that the workers can’t live in the old way, and this is also happening. The third condition, still missing, is that there is a mass revolutionary party ready to take power. The more people join ICWP, the closer we’ll be to being ready to revolt.

The Supreme Court Kavanaugh hearings wound up with his confirmation all but certain. Feminist organizations like the Women’s March organized protests, with demonstrators lining up to interrupt and get arrested. The protestors are afraid Kavanaugh’s appointment will lead to abortion being criminalized and they are probably right. If so, it will be just more proof that capitalist reforms are always temporary. Under communism abortion will be allowed. But it will almost never be needed because children will be collectively cared for and will never be a burden to their parents.

Serena Williams lost to Naomi Osaka in Tennis. Osaka earned her victory, and Williams made clear that she agreed. But Williams was rightly furious with the sexist treatment by umpire Carlos Ramos. Williams was penalized a whole game for talking back to a referee. The same referee recently allowed Djokovic to berate him without any consequences.

Admittedly, Serena Williams is not a woman worker in a shoe factory. She earned more from that one match she lost than most women earn in a lifetime. But the sexist and racist treatment she received is being used to build sexism and racism in general.

Sport will be very different under communism. Women and men most likely will play together. The emphasis will be on participation, rather than passive spectator events. No money at stake. And, as they used to in China when it was communist, friendship first, competition second.



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