Kavanaugh Cosby Iran; 22-28 September Week in Review

Millions watched the Kavanaugh US Supreme Court confirmation hearing. Kavanaugh is a right-wing hard liner with a shady past (and present too, probably). He’d almost made it when Christine Ford came forward with a compelling story: Kavanaugh had tried to rape her when they were both teens in high school. Ford told her story calmly and was completely believable. In fact there’s no doubt she’s telling the truth, because she told a therapist about it in 2012.

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India: Fascist, Corrupt Modi and his BJP

The ICWP is an international communist party committed to eradicating capitalism worldwide. As part of this mission we expose the horrors of capitalism wherever they occur, and explain how communism would eliminate them. Here we talk about recent  events in India, where Modi (a sort of Indian Trump) and his fascist BJP are running wild.

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McDonald’s Strike – Kavanaugh – Poverty in France – 13-20 September

The Kavanaugh affair continues. It looks like Christine Ford will testify next week that a teenage Brett Kavanaugh attempted to rape her when she was 15 and in high school. It’s obvious she’s telling the truth. Kavanaugh’s defenders’ arguments are a joke: ‘He didn’t do it and even if he did (and lied) it was just horseplay, occurred many years ago, oh and may have been mistaken identity’.

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Hybrid Articles – Supplement

This is the blog supplement to the  Hybrid Articles letter in Red Flag.

The article introduced hybrid articles, articles which have a print part (printed in the paper issues of Red Flag) and a digital part, posted on the ICWP blog.

One obvious advantage is that it allows for longer articles that won’t fit in the print version, or smaller footprints for articles in the print version. If enough articles are hybridized the print paper can fit more of them, making more material available to readers.

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End Thirst with Communism

[A Boeing worker and youth coach writes]

It was hot at the local high school football practice that I help out at. Students bought drinks from a truck parked nearby. I noticed one student didn’t buy anything from the truck. He told me he didn’t have any money.

I told him I knew these communists that said we wouldn’t need any money in communism. He asked me, “How will that work?”

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Week in Review: 3-9 September

On Monday in Chemnitz, Germany, an anti-fascist coalition put on a free protest concert. Top German bands like Kraftklub and Toten Hosen played for a huge and enthusiastic audience: 65,000 people. Kraftklub frontman Felix Brummer cried into the mike that they were playing to protest “fascism, homophobia, racism, and the crazy AfD”. (The AfD is the trump-like neonazi populist party.) Signs and t-shirts that read “FCK NZS” were especially popular.

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US Political Crisis Demands Communist Response

[IB writes]

September 3: Ayanna Pressley won an upset victory in the Massachusetts Democratic primary, promising “activist leadership.” She will become the first black woman to represent the state in the House of Representatives.

September 5: In an anonymous New York Times op-ed piece, a top White House official described Trump as incompetent and out of control. But don’t worry! There are “adults” like him in the room.

What do the insurgent Democrat and the conservative “establishment” Republican have in common?

They are both crazy anxious to build patriotism and make sure that the masses put their trust in capitalist democracy.

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Week in Review

[The blog moderator comments briefly on events of the week]

This was a sad week for some US bosses. They have lost John McCain, one of their loyalest servants. McCain, like Hillary Clinton, never saw a war he didn’t like. Starting with Vietnam. Unlike cowardly ‘warriors’ like Trump, he actually climbed in a plane and personally bombed and strafed Vietnamese soldiers and civilians. Until he got shot down and captured.

The funeral was a nauseating spectacle with warmonger George Bush and warmonger Obama joining to praise warmonger McCain; they declared themselves all “on the same team”. Warmonger Trump was not invited because he’s on the other team. In other words, a different, rival faction of the US ruling class.

Under communism there will be no ruling class, no factional fighting, no wars (except against the bosses), and no mass murderers like McCain, Bush, Obama, Clinton etc.


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