Communism Will Have No Borders, Nations or Laws

On Thursday, February 9, social media lit up with the news that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals had upheld the court order stopping Trump’s racist ban on refugees and travel to the US from seven Muslim countries.

Lawyers and liberals proclaimed a victory for “the rule of law.”

The same day, the US government deported Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, an unauthorized immigrant who had lived and worked in the US for more than twenty years. And hundreds of unauthorized immigrants were swept up in ICE raids in the Southwest—160 in Los Angeles alone.

Garcia de Rayos, like millions of our class brothers and sisters, was forced by the conditions of capitalist exploitation to migrate to the US from Mexico where she used a social security number that was not hers. For this “crime”–considered by the US rulers to be a felony–she has been deported to Mexico and separated from her US-born children.

This also is the rule of law, enforced by Democrats and Republicans alike. In fact, Obama deported millions under this law.

Capitalist laws establish, regulate and patrol the borders between capitalist nation-states. They may disagree about immigration policy, but they all agree that borders should serve the interests of the capitalist class. Sometimes they need cheap labor, sometimes they need workers terrorized, sometimes they want to improve their international reputation. Manipulating the flow of migrants and refugees is a political ploy that meets the interests of a given group of bosses at the time.

Communism won’t have nations or borders.  We’ll welcome workers from anywhere and encourage people to travel to build solidarity with people from different regions.

We won’t have laws, a President, courts or cops making and enforcing the laws. We’ll engage in collective work and struggle around our basic principles of from each according to commitment, to each according to need.

The rule of law is the rule of the whole capitalist system, Democrats or Republicans, liberals or fascists. We have to fight for communism, not take the fascists to court.

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