Capitalism is going crazy – communism will restore sanity!

Some people, encouraged by neoliberal mouthpieces like the New York Times, believe the world has gone crazy- and Trump is exhibit number one!

In reality, the bosses’ crisis of overproduction has made ruling in the old way impossible. And workers can’t live in the old way. Mobilizing for communism is even more urgent – and possible!

Trump and his henchmen are delusional: they believe things that are clearly false. For example, Trump said there were three million illegal immigrants voting in California. He believes that 80% of murdered white people are murdered by black people. He believes he saw thousands celebrating on 9/11.

These delusions are so preposterous it’s hard to take them seriously. But let’s not forget that many people did not take Hitler’s craziness seriously. A 1922 profile of Hitler in the New York Times declared that “Hitler’s anti-Semitism was not so genuine or violent as it sounded, and that he was merely using anti-Semitic propaganda as a bait to catch masses of followers.” Boy, were they wrong!

Yet these fascists are not any more delusional than the traditional establishment. The neoliberals believe that capitalism can serve both the interests of workers and bosses. “Stronger together” was the Clinton slogan.

As hundreds of thousand demonstrate and many have lost confidence in elections, the neoliberals are furiously trying to rehabilitate the ballot box. They say the Russians stole the elections and are likely to do the same in Europe. They ignore the human destruction brought on by their own global economic crisis.

Communists have beliefs that some find surprising, but they are not delusions. They are based on reality and the real experience of hundreds of years of efforts to establish communism.

We believe that communist revolutions can overthrow capitalism. It’s already happened several times, and not just in Russia and China. We believe that people can work motivated not by money but by commitment to supplying everyone’s needs. Millions proved this true under the “supply system” in the liberated areas during the Chinese civil war.

And we believe that racism and sexism – in fact, all discrimination – can eventually be eliminated. In both Russia and China and, or even Yugoslavia communists made good progress until socialism (as opposed to communism) was firmly established.

When capitalism’s rulers are out of touch with reality, it makes them less able to defend the system. But delusional leaders can be dangerous if they pass on their delusions to masses of followers.

There’s only one treatment for deranged bosses: revolution. Communism will put them out of our misery. And masses will build a new world based on a new communist reality.



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