Berlin: Capitalism is Terror Without End

(Berlin Germany) At least twelve are dead and dozens are injured after a truck driven by an IS-linked terrorist plowed into a crowd at a Christmas market in the German capital. The ‘Islamic State’ fascists are claiming credit but the ultimate blame goes to capitalism with its oil wars and anti-immigrant racism. Under communism oil will be shared and with no borders no one will be an immigrant. The German cops arrested a Pakistani refugee and we soon heard racist complaints about ungrateful refugees being wolves in sheep clothing etc. Then the cops realized that he was innocent and that he had been arrested based on a ‘rough description’ – in other words, a racist stereotype. Now they’re chasing a Tunisian immigrant who was already under surveillance and who had been ordered deported. The cops just hadn’t got around to picking him up …

Communism would make all this impossible. We’ll abolish borders and nations and work hard to suppress forever all kinds of racism and discrimination. Oil will be brought out of the ground for human needs, not profits. We will share it and not tear up and destroy whole cities and countries fighting over who gets the profits. Finally the Middle East will know real peace and the terrorism originating there will disappear.

The bosses’ media is hyping the understandable fear that the masses of people living in Germany have about being victims of a terrorist attack. However the real terror is directed against the immigrants who live in Germany. First, they are also part of the masses and (as in Nice, France) Muslims are often among the victims of these terrorist attacks. Second, each terror attack is followed by a bosses-whipped-up wave of anti-immigrant racism.

The bosses claim to be the biggest enemies of terrorism but these attacks can suit their purposes. It allows them to jack up the level of fear immigrants face – fear of being deported, fear of arrest by ‘anti-terrorist’ government forces and fear of attack by free-lance racist goons.

And this is exactly what the terrorists also want to. To set nonimmigrants against immigrants and drive the immigrants into the arms of the terrorists.

They work nicely together but communism will put them all out of business.




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