If Elections Made a Difference, They Would Be Illegal

Seattle, WA, 12/17 — A hand-written sign declaring “If Elections Made A Difference, They Would Be Illegal” stood out at the “March Against Hate”. On the other hand, communist revolution would make all the difference in the world.

ICWP members circulated Red Flag and a leaflet declaring “Communism Means No More Trumps” to the thousand marchers. Within a half-hour, we distributed them all.

“Read a communist leaflet,” urged a party member, getting right to the point. “I want to read that!” said marchers as they circled back to pick them up.

Everywhere elections are being called into question. The bosses are furiously trying to rehabilitate them. Earlier, the CIA said Russian hacking subverted the “integrity of the electoral process.”

Boeing workers jumped on that. “That’s the CIA’s job!” many said, laughing at the hypocrisy.

Ironically, a featured speaker also wanted to rehabilitate elections. She hoped democratic socialist candidates will legitimize the elections in the eyes of workers and youth.

Most are dubious.  We presented a communist alternative–and many responded with interest.

If communism does not rely on elections, how would we pick and develop leadership? We had a longer discussion about this over dinner with a new party member that evening.

First, we need communist production. The guiding principle of communist production will be from each according to their commitment and ability, to each according to their need. This motto will affect all aspects of society.

We agreed that maintaining capitalist production would produce a hierarchy dedicated to protecting wage slavery and exploitation. That’s what happened under socialism.

Furthermore, the Party will always lead through communist collectives of dedicated workers. Mobilizing the masses for communism will become the life-blood of society.

There will be no passive reliance on superheroes. The general wellbeing of the world’s workers will be the priority of each collective the party organizes.

Even under capitalism, we try to do this as best we can. The Party doesn’t have professional reporters, bloggers or editors. Everything we produce involves collectives. They produce not only the literature we make, but also new communist organizers.

This method involves struggle and interaction at every level.

Those that do communist work make the best decisions. The questions our new comrade brought to the dinner meeting helped us make better plans for the inauguration week. That’s how we develop communist leadership and start to make a real difference.

Full article will appear in an upcoming issue of Red Flag.


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