Meaningless Membership Bill of Rights

Seattle, WA, 12/13 Boeing’s union leadership are touting the “Membership Bill of Rights” they got passed at the last international conference. This list of rights is meant to assure workers that they can have a fair vote on any contract extensions.These rights have proved useless. Under communism we won’t need rights to protect us against the bosses and their union ‘leader’ flunkies because they’ll all be long gone.

The last contract extension eliminated defined pensions. We had plenty of votes. We rejected the extension so the international had us vote again. We had the right to vote and vote again until we agreed to end our pension.

This bill of rights is supposed to offer protection from the continued attacks by the capitalists and their union lieutenants. But what protection do these rights offer if capitalist production for profits and sale continue? None!

If anybody had any doubts about the futility of rights, that ended today. The market has collapsed for the company’s cash cow, the 777 jet. CEO Muilenburg assured Wall Street analysts that Boeing will make “the necessary adjustments to maximize profitability.” That means tens of thousands of jobs will eventually be lost.

“You can have all the rights in the world, but you can’t control capitalism,” is how one friend of the party put it.

If you can’t control capitalism, the answer is to do away with it. That’s what communism does.

Communist production is based on the needs of the working class, not the market. We will collectivity decide what to produce and how. Each will contribute through their work and get what they need.

Today we have jobs if the bosses can sell their products and exploit us to make a profit. In communism, we will struggle with everyone to work so we can provide for the needs of our class. If we decide we don’t need more planes, there is plenty of other useful work to do. No profits, no markets, no unemployment, no exploitive jobs!

We need communist power at the point of production. That’s one of the first things communist revolution will do for us. The rights the bosses always brag about will become silly vestiges of a dead exploitive system.





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