Capitalism is going crazy – communism will restore sanity!

Some people, encouraged by neoliberal mouthpieces like the New York Times, believe the world has gone crazy- and Trump is exhibit number one!

In reality, the bosses’ crisis of overproduction has made ruling in the old way impossible. And workers can’t live in the old way. Mobilizing for communism is even more urgent – and possible!

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Berlin: Capitalism is Terror Without End

(Berlin Germany) At least twelve are dead and dozens are injured after a truck driven by an IS-linked terrorist plowed into a crowd at a Christmas market in the German capital. The ‘Islamic State’ fascists are claiming credit but the ultimate blame goes to capitalism with its oil wars and anti-immigrant racism. Under communism oil will be shared and with no borders no one will be an immigrant. Continue reading

Meaningless Membership Bill of Rights

Seattle, WA, 12/13 Boeing’s union leadership are touting the “Membership Bill of Rights” they got passed at the last international conference. This list of rights is meant to assure workers that they can have a fair vote on any contract extensions.These rights have proved useless. Under communism we won’t need rights to protect us against the bosses and their union ‘leader’ flunkies because they’ll all be long gone.

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Human Rights Day -Dream on!

December 10 was the UN’s International Human Rights’ Day. It commemorates the adoption of the  Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Fine words but for most people, these rights are a dream.Under communism we won’t need rights because we won’t need protection against evils we’ve abolished. For example, people won’t need a right to unemployment insurance, because there won’t be any unemployment.

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Why Is Yellow Fever Still a Threat?

Yellow fever broke out a year ago in Luanda, Angola.   By July 2016 it had spread to Congo, threatening Kinshasa with the biggest urban epidemic in decades. For the first time ever, it reached Asia. With global climate change extending the range of mosquitoes that carry yellow fever, it might even have reached Europe. Latin America is now at greater risk of urban epidemics than at any time in the past 50 years.

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