Seattle ICWP potluck December 3

This is the invitation. The potluck will feature a discussion of what communism will, or should, be like.

You are Invited to a Potluck Dinner

Saturday December 3rd, 7:00 pm

Every place you go it seems that people are having discussions and debates about the election. Many people now believe that the system(Capitalism) has got to go! Some believe that we can make changes without getting rid of capitalism all together. Some are convinced that we need a revolution, but are unsure of what to do beyond that.

The International Communist Workers Party (ICWP) believes that only real communism, worldwide, can insure an end to racism, sexism, exploitation and constant war for the working class of the future.

How can we insure that communism will work? One way is by talking about a communist world right now; envisioning our healthcare, work, education, culture, transportation, etc. without nations, bankers, money, profits.

Please join us on December 3rd as we discuss these questions and more


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