Let’s end sexist violence with communism

[En America Latina hoy es el dia contra la violencia de género.]

Today (25 November) in Latin America is the day against sexist violence. Sexist violence is baked into capitalism and only communism will end it. We present some ideas about how we will do this.

The day commemorates the murder of the three sisters (article in Spanish) Patria, Dedé, and Minerva Mirabal. They were murdered by Dominican strongman Rafael Trujillo. The sisters were opponents of his regime. Also, Trujillo fancied one of them, who rebuffed him. In 1999 the UN declared 25 November International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. However it is commemorated mainly in Latin America.

The bosses have a lot of fine words (Trump excepted) to say about how they want to  end violence against women. But they tolerate it – in fact, encourage it in the popular media and (lately) political rhetoric. Sexist violence in  practise works as a form of terrorism to keep women in line. It is an attempt to force them to accept super exploitation at work and domestic slavery at home.

We (ICWP) are determined that communism will end  sexist violence (and sexism in general). How? We’re currently looking at this in the course of preparing a pamphlet about sexism. In the meantime here are some tentative ideas (not necessarily official ICWP policy) contributed by a comrade:

“To begin with, we could abolish marriage and the family as legal and financial institutions. We don’t really have a choice here, because there will be no formal laws and no money. This doesn’t mean the end of the family as a unit. People will still form partnerships, some of which will last a lifetime. They’ll still have kids and (usually) stay close to them.

“But they won’t have to. If partners or other relatives don’t get along, they can separate. Remember that under communism peoples’ needs (including child care) are taken care of by society, not by parents and spouses. So separation will have emotional consequences but not material ones. The family will no longer be a prison cell.

“Secondly, there will be no tolerance for sexist violence. If a woman is  assaulted by her partner or anyone else they will be immediately be put on a mass trial (of, say, coworkers). If it is decided that the assault occurred there will be consequences. One possible consequence is that the assailant stay away from the victim. This will be enforced, not by a police force, but by the masses.

“Furthermore we’ll stamp out sexist bourgeois culture which implicitly glorifies violence against women in, for example, ‘thrillers’ featuring extreme, gory brutality .

” – A. Reader

We welcome your ideas – leave a comment, they’re anonymous.

(Incidentally when we link to an article in the bosses’ press it means only that we think the article contains useful information. It’s not an endorsement of everything in the article and certainly not an endorsement of the newspaper it appears in.)




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