Walkout debates spread interest in communism

A comrade who works at Boeing describes conversations at work spurred by the anti-Trump high school walkouts. He used this opportunity to raise communism as the only solution. He asked, why don’t we walkout too?

A fuller report will appear as an article in a coming issue of Red Flag.

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Let’s end sexist violence with communism

[En America Latina hoy es el dia contra la violencia de género.]

Today (25 November) in Latin America is the day against sexist violence. Sexist violence is baked into capitalism and only communism will end it. We present some ideas about how we will do this.

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Dakota Access Pipeline: Capitalist Profits vs. Clean Water


Communism Will Organize Masses to Decide Everything

[condensed version of an article to appear in the next Red Flag]
USA – The indigenous Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in South Dakota continues to fight against construction of an oil pipeline that threatens their water supply and ancestral graves. Many others are rallying in support. Police and company thugs have attacked them, arresting hundreds.

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ICWP Greets Seattle High School Walkout

This afternoon hundreds of students from Chief Sealth High School and Denny Middle School in West Seattle walked out of classes to protest the election of Donald Trump. This multiracial and multinational group of students were jubilant as they came down the walkway to cross the street to rally and hold up their signs. As they shouted to their friends waiting across the street, they grabbed leaflets and Red Flags from several ICWP members standing there. (International Communist Workers Party)

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